Rev. Bro. Granville Perera FSC

Director of St. Benedict’s College

The 140 year old Benedictine spirit is legendary for taking bold initiatives to further the cause of its students, and this is another example of the boys of St. Benedict’s, ably assisted by the Old Boys of St. Benedict’s, following in that path.

St. Benedict’s College is the oldest Catholic school in Colombo, and it has produced thousands of men who have attained great heights in varied careers and thereby made their alma mater and country proud. The College is now in the process of educating a new generation of students with different educational expectations and career aspirations due to the possibilities created by Information Technology. The College has consequently invested millions of rupees to fulfill those expectations and aspirations, and the students and teachers who have collaborated to create this web site prove that our IT facilities are second to none. We at St. Benedict’s will continue to hone our students’ IT skills so as to make them productive citizens of the world even as we educate them within our Lasallian traditions.

Over 300 years ago St. John Baptist De La Salle proved that any boy, irrespective of wealth and social status, could be properly educated and molded into being a responsible and productive citizen, and St. Benedict’s, together with its worldwide Lasallian counterparts, continue to do likewise by melding religious instruction with rigorous discipline and education. I am confident that this web site will further advertise our pedagogical work with youth and the excellent institution that is St. Benedict’s College even as it helps create a stronger bond among our loyal Benedictine communities across the world.